The BdF-Schachserver

The Deutsche Fernschachbund e. V. (BdF) offers regular tournaments on Correspondence Chess Servers since 01.January, 2003. Prior to the start, the new media has been tested in youth tournaments and test tournaments.

In the beginning, BdF ran their tournaments as a guest on an organisation-free server, where fees had to be paid pending on the usage. In April 2008, the Board of BdF had decided to get an own server developed, which should host all the future server tournaments of BdF.

The BdF-Schachserver was programmed by Dr. Ortwin Pätzold. It is based on an already existing and long tested Server program, which has been adapted and extended to the BdF needs.

The public launch of the BdF-Schachserver took place on 15th September, 2008 and was a new milestone in Serverchess for the BdF.

The agreement with the programmer contains the required support and future enhancements.

The Deutsche Fernschachbund e. V. (BdF) is emphasising the nearly barrier free access to the server, so that also handicapped people can use this offer. The work to achieve a complete barrier free server is supported by the Representative of the Government for the Needs of Handicapped People.